The Embassy shall perform marriage registrations under the General Marriage Ordinance (Chapter 112) on submission of the ‘Notice of Marriage’ to a Diplomatic Officer in the Embassy by the parties to the marriage – Sri Lankan/Sri Lankan or    Sri Lankan/Foreign national).

Both parties to the marriage can give the ‘Notice of Marriage’ and the registration can take place at any time after the laps of two weeks from the date of receipt of the ‘Notice of Marriage’, but within 3 months of the receipt of such Notice. If the marriage is not registered within 3 months, the Notice automatically lapses.

At least one of the parties to the marriage should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

Marriage registration is performed on a date decided by the concerned parties, and once the registration is attended, the third copy of the marriage registration, which is issued free of charge shall be handed over to the female party by the Diplomatic Officer.

Please note that applicants should physically be present at the Embassy along with required documents to give the Notice of Marriage, which will be published at the Embassy premises during the prescribed period.


  • Duly completed Notice of Marriage
  • Both parties should produce their travel documents with photocopies of detail pages, photo pages, visa pages to prove their identity and legitimacy to live in UAE.
  • Both parties should produce ‘Unmarried Certificates’ if Divorce Certificate, which should be duly countersigned by relevant authorities/Embassies – Documents of non-Sri Lankan party should be countersigned by the relevant Embassy/Consulates in UAE.
  • Both parties should submit their original birth certificates with copies.
  • Parents’ passport copies or ID copies
  • Parents’ Birth Certificates copies
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate copies.
  • Passport size photographs of both parties.
  • Two witnesses to the marriage with photocopies of detail pages, photo pages and visa pages of the passport. If only one party to the marriage is a Sri Lankan, at least one witness should be a Sri Lankan citizen.


Registration of MarriageAED 195/-